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Lake Shenwu
The birthname of Lone Wolf. He was born(MS 5036) and raised in Dage. He was always curious, playful and intelligent. His mother was named Houva and his father died when he was merely four-years-old. His parents were humble farmers. He had an older sister named Kari and an older brother, Jen. The traumatic death of his brother caused him to lose the playfullness that had characterized his early years. At the age of seven, one year after the death of his brother, Landar was chosen by the Kai monks to be trained in the Kai Disciplines.
Lara Mountains
A mountain range to the West of Shadaki. It was the homeland of the Kundi.
A rare shrub with bright red flowers. It is much sought after for its healing properties. Laumspur can be distilled into a red potion that restores 4 EP on average. Laumspur can be found in many places in Magnamund.
Left-handed Magic
The creative side of magic. This magic deals mostly in constructive spells and is therefore not as destructive as its counterpart. It is used mainly by servants of Good. Elder Magi and the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star are among its adherents.
Legends of Lone Wolf Series
A novelization of the Lone Wolf series. This wonderful series adds depth to the storyline of the original series. This is particularly enjoyable to those who are familiar with the original series. For the sake of the novelization, the storyline became fixed. For example, Lone Wolf had weaponskill in the use of the axe in the Legends series to the exclusion of all the other weapons. The original gamebooks allowed Lone Wolf to master one of the other weapons.

The N. American versions are:

  1. Eclipse of the Kai
    Covers half of the original book, Flight from the Dark.
  2. The Dark Door Opens
    Covers the second half of Flight from the Dark.
  3. The Tides of Treachery
    Covers the first half of Fire on the Water.
  4. The Sword of the Sun
    Covers the second half of Fire on the Water.
  5. Hunting Wolf
    Covers The Caverns of Kalte.
Lesser Magicks
The seven rudimentary magical powers of the Shianti. The use of a Lesser Magick drains the wizard's Willpower.

The seven Lesser Magicks are:

Light, Lore Hall of
A chamber of the Kai monastery devoted to certain of the Magnakai disciplines. Below it in the Sun Tower was the Lore Hall of Fire and above it was the Lore Hall of Spirit.
Lone Wolf
The hero of the Lone Wolf Series created by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk. He was born in MS 5036 in Dage as Landar. He began the series as Silent Wolf, an inattentive Initiate of the Kai Monks. The Massacre of his beloved masters sent him on one of the most fateful quests in the history of Magnamund. The Lone Wolf Series details his adventures as defender of Sommerlund and champion of the great god Kai.
Lone Wolf Series
Created by Joe Dever and Gary Chalk; it contains the details of the quest of Lone Wolf to champion the cause of Good on Magnamund and destroy the servants of Naar;
  1. Flight from the Dark
    Lone Wolf sets out on a quest to avenge his fellow Kai and inform King Ulnar of the Massacre of his comrades; he is dogged at every turn by the vile servants of the Darklords, ancient enemies of the Sommlending; he finds his way to the capital, Holmgard and to the citadel of the King and delivers his fateful message that he is the last of the Kai; Lone Wolf is asked to undertake yet another quest in the defense of his homeland.

More books will be added to the list over time.

This series has enthralled many young fans. Many never lose their love for this fantasy world. The world of Magnamund is rich in detailed people and places.

Blacksmith in the town of Dage.
Lords of Light/Darkness
A title for the gods of Good and Evil respectively. Usually used in reference to the state of the gods before Aon. Ishir and Kai seem to be the chief of the Lords of Light while Naar is the greatest of the Lords of Darkness.
Lore Halls
An Elder of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. This frail mage was killed in a short magical duel by Vonotar when Loren discovered his plans to flee to the Darklands. Loren had been a secret advocate of the Guild researching Right-handed magic but was not in favor of Vonotar's plan to ally himself to Zagarna.
Lorestones of Nyxator
Gems of power containing the wisdom and powers given to Nyxator by the great god Kai. They were created in the year 12,209 MS.
Lost Tribe of Lara

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