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A seemingly bottomless chasm to the south of Sommerlund and Ruanon. It is the site of the victory of king Ulnar I over Darklord Vashna. The Darklord and his armies were defeated and pushed into the Maakengorge. It is said that Vashna's death howl can be heard from the depths of the Maakengorge to this day.
A large swamp to the East of the Maakengorge. This is homeland of the Gourgaz.
A short weapon with a weight on the business end. The weight was often spiked to increase the damage done. It is one of the favored Kai monk weapons.
Madam Tarlas
The proprietor of an apothecary shop in the Port of Suhn.
Madin Rendalim
A Durenese herbwarden famous throughout Magnamund for his knowledge of the healing arts. He created Rendalim's elixir. He met Grey Star while on a trip to collect a cure for the Red Death Plague that was raging in his homeland.
Magician's Guild of Toran
Magnakai Disciplines
When a Kai had mastered the ten basic Kai disciplines, he could go on to augment his powers by learning the Magnakai disciplines. They are an enhancement of the basic ten.
The planet upon which most of Lone Wolf's adventures take place. It is much like our own more mundane world but filled with magic, deeds of valor and a very clearly defined difference between Good and Evil. It is in fact the balance point of the struggle between Good and Evil in Aon.

It is divided between Northern and Southern continents and is filled with wonderous places to visit and interesting people and creatures to meet and defeat.

A Shianti who was a close friend and teacher to Grey Star.
A member of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star remembered by Vonotar after his defection to the Darklords.
Massacre of the Kai
On the morning of the Feast of Fehmarn MS 5050, the Darklords attacked the Kai monastery with a flying horde of kraan carrying other vile servants of Naar. Zagarna attacked from the East exactly the opposite of what the Kai expected. For years, the Kai monks had set watch facing towards the West and the Durncrag Mountains. Though they fought with bravery, the Kai were overcome by sheer numbers. Only one Kai survived the massacre. Silent Wolf had been sent to chop wood and thus was the only Kai outside of the monastery when it was attacked. He saw the plight of his fellows and ran to help in the struggle but was struck by a low tree branch and fell unconcious.

When he awoke, he was the last of the Kai. He vowed vengeance «c» against those who had destroyed his comrades, took the name Lone Wolf and began his quest.

A town south of Toran. Meadowood was closed by a group of Border Rangers after the Massacre of the Kai. An agent of the Darklords (probably a Helghast) had invaded the town and terrorized the people.
Food. A Kai monk or anyone else could expect to lose 3 EP if they skipped a Meal. The Hunting discipline can help a Kai Lord to provide for himself in the wilderness.
A Kai discipline. A Kai monk with this discipline is able to use his Mindforce to attack his enemies in addition to normal, hand-to-hand combat. This ability results in a +2CS advantage over those that are susceptible to this discipline.
The concept of Mindforce is an integral part of Joe Dever's creation. Mindforce is the ability of creatures (including humans) to influence and perceive the world through the use of concentration. It is manifested in the Kai disciplines of Mind Over Matter, Mindshield, Mindblast and Sixth Sense and their equivalent Magnakai and Grandmaster disciplines.
Mind Over Matter
A Kai discipline. This discipline enables a Kai to move small objects with his Mindforce.
A Kai discipline. Many creatures are able to use Mindforce as an offensive weapon. Mindshield helps protect a Kai Lord from this form of attack.
Monastery, Kai
Home of the Order of the Kai. It is the center of the life for the Order and all Kai are trained there. It is situated deep in the forest in the center of Sommerlund to the Norhtwest of Holmgard.

The original had, along with more mundane things, four Lore Halls: Fire, Light, Spirit and Solaris. There was also a Kai Masters' Hall and the Grandmaster's Hall. All but the Lore Hall of Solaris were in the Tower of the Sun. The original monastery was razed in the Massacre of the First Order.

The planetary satellite of Magnamund. There is only one pale moon that orbits Magnamund. This has long been held as a symbol of the goddess Ishir.
An artifact of great magical power created by the Shianti in the year MS 1. Its creation began the Golden Age of Magnamund. This palm-sized gem of power was formed in the Daziarn. It contains all of the knowledge, wisdom and power of the god-like Shianti. The mighty powers of the Moonstone can be used for Good or Evil.

It was returned to the Daziarn at the time of the banishment «c» of the Shianti.

Grey Star's quest was to find the Moostone and use its power to defeat Shasarak.

Morn Pass
A long valley in the Mountains of Lara and the site of the Kundi resistence of Shasarak's armies.
Mother Magri
"seer of the Kazim Stone, Law Giver to the city of Suhn, Truthsayer of Shadaki in the service of the Wytch-king, Shasarak." (Grey Star the Wizard, §289) The old Wytch that imprisoned Grey Star and Shan Li in the Hall of Correction. Her control over Tanith caused the girl to betray Grey Star to a Kleasá.
The years on Magnamund are counted from the moment of the creation of the Moonstone. MS is an abbreviation for "M"oon"s"tone. If the year appears previous to "MS" (i.e. 5000 MS) then it is the number of years counted backwards from the creation of the moonstone. If it appears after "MS" (i.e. MS 5000) then it is the number of years counted from the moonstone's creation.

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