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The massive, cubic city-fortress of Darklord Zagarna. "Rising in the midst of a plain of dust and ash, the mighty walls of the fortress seemed to touch the sky. The vast stone blocks of which they had been built were fifty feet square. . . The mortar which joined the giant rocks had been made from the bones of Giaks, animals and human beings. . . The great gates had been fashioned from the skin of the dragon Nyxator, preserved as a trophy of their power by the Darklords for millenia. A few slits had been set into the walls to allow air into the titanic fortress. . . Kaag was forty miles across and it rose two miles into the sky." (Eclipse of the Kai, pp. 97-98) It was the last of the Darklord city-fortresses to be completed.

Located west of the Durncrag Mts., this city is the nearest Darklord fortress to Sommerlund. It was consequently the staging ground for the Darklords' many conflicts with Kai's children.

The male god of Good, Lord of Light and companion to Ishir. He is the creator of the Sommlending race and the first god to send servants to Magnamund. His symbol is the Sun which the Sommlending use in their flags and heraldry. Kai is in perpetual conflict with the Evil god Naar.
Kai Disciplines
The Kai monks have endeavored to master the innate warrior talents given to them by Kai. Their prowess is legendary throughout Magnamund. Their skills are divided into the following Kai disciplines:

The skills in the Kai disciplines are augmented in the Magnakai Disciplines and later the Grand Master disciplines. A Kai Lord's rank depends on how many of these disciplines he has mastered.

Kai Masters' Hall
A chamber in the Tower of the Sun positioned above the Lore Hall of Spirit and below the Grandmaster's Hall. It contained a plain, wooden throne and plain, green pillars.
Kai Monastery
Kai monks (also "the Kai", "Kai Lords" or "Order of the Kai")
For centuries, the Kai monks have protected Sommerlund from the threat of the Darklords. They had mastered the arts of war which are embodied in the Kai disciplines and were the élite warriors of Sommerlund. Their warrior prowess was known and feared in all of Magnamund.

The Sommlending searched among their children to find those who had innate talents in the Kai disciplines. Those found capable were sent to the Kai monastery to learn the skills and wisdom that would protect their homeland in the generations to come.

The First Order of the Kai was founded in MS 3810 by Sun Eagle when he erected the monastery.

Kaltersee (alt. Kaltesee)
The frigid sea north of Sommerlund and Durenor. It is characterized by sudden storms and the pack ice that covers much of its northern shores throughout the extended winter season.
Small, furry creatures that inhabit the forests of Sommerlund. They act as the protectors and custodians of the forests. They are intelligent enough to have a spoken language and live in villages. Their language sounds like squeaks and grunts to the human ear. They are naturally timid and rarely speak with humans. Kakarmi know Kraan as "black-wings."
Landar's older sister. She was thirteen years older (born MS 5023) than Landar. She was quite beautiful and had many proposals of marriage. She married Rabalien, the son of a wealthy merchant from a neighboring village. He was abusive and drunken but she maintained the marriage for the sake of her family's financial welfare (her father was dead). She eventually broke off the marriage and returned to live with her mother.
Kashima Mountains
A mountain range to the West of Forlu.
Kazim Stone
A magical, crystal ball used by the Wytches to enhance their powers over the minds of others. The Kazim stones glowed with an strange, yellow light and were capable of controlling great numbers of people.
The first king of the Sommlending people. He lead his people in MS 3434 against the Darklords and their armies. The Sommlending, armed with the Sommerswerd, slowly drove their enemies back beyond the Durncrag Mts. Kian named the land that they had conquered Sommerlund in honor of Kai.

Kian was the creator of Sommerlund's aristocracy in an effort to maintain readiness for war with the vengeful Darklords. He said "every Sommlending must have a lord."

Kirlundin Isles
A chain of islands off the east coast of mainland Sommerlund. It is renowned for the skill of its sailors.
A creature that feeds on energy used against it. The more energy used against it, the stronger it becomes until it crushes the mind of its victim. It appears as an impentrable blackness with two blank eyeslits and a blank, gaping mouth. Also known as a "soul-eater". Mother Magri sent a kleasá to destroy Grey Star after his escape from the Hall of Correction.
Knights of the White Mountain
Sworn protectors of the realm of Durenor. Their specific duty was to protect the border between Durenor and the Wildlands.
Kolanis "Sage and Herbalist"
A charlatan from Holmgard who lured victims into his magic/herb shop so that he could defraud the foolish and his son could rob the rich.
Scaly, leather-winged spawn of the Darklords. They are most often black although this can vary. They were endowed with cruel talons and beaks that they used to carry off their enemies and drop them from the skies. They were used as airborne mounts by other members of the Darklord army and were the mainstay of the Darklord air force throughout its history. They were the smaller cousins of the zlanbeast.
A magical race of Southern Magnamund. The Kundi are ape-like with squat bodies and long, prehensile tails.

Originally, the Kundi lived in Lara. When Shasarak began to create the Shadakine Empire, he went first through Lara and the Morn Pass. The Kundi opposed the advance of the Shadakine armies. Each time they ambushed the Shadakine, the Kundi would retreat back into the safety of the forests. Frustrated, Shasarak had the forest burned. The Kundi left their homeland and travelled through the Shuri Mountains, then the Forest of Fernmost and finally the Kashima Mountains after which they disappeared. They became known as the Lost Tribe of Lara.

Grey Star found the Kundi in the Cloud Forest where they lived in communities in the tops of the Azawood trees. The King at the time was named Okosa and the Shaman was named Urik.

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