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A hot, dark, brewed beverage common throughout Magnamund. Probably comparable to coffee or black tea.
Landar's older brother (born MS 5028). He was wall-eyed and crippled from birth and was the object of pity and laughter throughout his life. He was patient and loving with his younger brother who attached to Jen more than any other member of the family.

He went on a fish tickling escapade with his brother when he was fourteen and Landar was six (MS 5042). Landar was attacked by a storgh and when Jen went to his defense, he was eaten by the storgh. Landar was never the same after that day; he became quiet and reclusive. A year after Jen's death, Landar was chosen by the Kai monks to go to their monastery and receive training.

A harmless, yellow-spotted lizard that lives in the Wilderwastes.
Jnana the Wise
An old hermit that lived in a cave in the Chansi Hills. He was a renegade against the Shadakine Empire which feared his wisdom so much that they blinded him in the hope that he would be crippled into submission. Instead, he learned to use his mindforce to compensate for the loss of his eyesight. He had najin helpers who served as his messengers and scouts.

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