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High Wizard of the Shianti.
Agarashi or Creatures of Darkness
Foul creations of Agarash the Damned. They held Magnamund under a reign of terror until Kai sent the Elder Magi. Agarash invested them with Right-handed magic to counter the Elder Magi's magical abilities. The Agarashi were charmed into fighting amongst themselves causing their ultimate destruction. Some Agarashi, such as the Burrowcrawler, escaped destruction to continue to roam Magnamund.
Agarash the Damned
The most powerful of Naar's avatars. Naar sent Agarash to destroy the great dragon Nyxator. In 6700 MS, Agarash emerged from Naaros and conquered all of Southern Magnamund. He then created the Doomstones in mockery of the Lorestones. He used the Doomstones to create an army of Agarashi who devastated the face of Magnamund. Agarash destroyed Nyxator and stole the Lorestones.

All seemed hopeless for Ishir and Kai. They sent the Elder Magi to defeat Agarash and his followers. In a war that lasted a millenium, the Elder Magi recaptured the Lorestones and defeated Agarash. Agarash managed to hide the Doomstones before his death.

One of the Lesser Magicks. Alchemy is the knowledge of how to prepare useful potions from herbs and to change the very nature of a substance. Potions can be created that restore Endurance or Willpower, increase Combat Skill, mask human scent, etc. The use of Alchemy requires no Willpower but all the necessary materials and equipment must be available. These materials can be carried in an herb pouch.
A stone bridge of some strategic importance to the West of the highway between Holmgard and Toran. It was the site of a battle following the Masscre of the Kai. Crown Prince Pelathar was slain by a giak arrow at this battle. Trimis was one of Prince Pelethar's soldiers that fought at Alema Bridge.
Alether «c»
An herb with orange berries that can be used to make an orange strength potion that will increase the users CS.
Vonotar's horse on his flight to join Zagarna. He increased her speed to the point that she could cover miles in one stride. He often shrunk her and kept her in a pocket or pouch.
No one knows for sure who she is; even Ishir is dumbfounded to find out her origins (there was a time when she did not exist). "Alyss was a creature for whom the normal rules did not apply." She is an integral, elemental part of Aon and has god-like powers. She is definitely on the side of the forces of Good and has an unusually permissive relationship with Ishir. She most often appeared as a teenage girl; "Her skin was nut-brown, and her short-cropped hair was coppery red. She was dressed in a battered leather jerkin and ragged trousers. Her face was thin and somewhat pinched; her cheeks were prominent. . . she was about [fifteen], . . ." (Eclipse of the Kai, p. 83)

She played a role in Lone Wolf's quest and eventually fell in love with Banedon. She gave Vonotar the appearance of age and the hunched back that would follow him for the rest of his existence. This was a result of a magical duel that took place during the Massacre of the Kai.

The temple of the Shianti on the Isle of Lorn.
A port city in the northwest of Sommerlund. Anskaven is Sommerlund's greatest fishing port and is the headquarters of its navy. Anskaven is also the capital of the Baronial Province of Anskaven. The title of Baron of Anskaven was first given to Dundir Caldar and continues with his heirs.
Animal Kinship
A Kai discipline. This discipline represents a Kai Lord's learned familiarity with the animal kingdom. He is able to communicate with some animals (horses and insects are notable exceptions) and "guess the intentions of others."
Aon (trans. Great Balance)
The universe in which Magnamund resides.

Before there was time or matter, the Lords of Light and the Lords of Darkness were in conflict. Their world was undisturbed by matter or any other interruption. The goddess Ishir tired of the conflict and sought to end it. She fashioned a vessel based upon the truth of her pledge and instilled it with the Evil of Naar. Aon was named for this balance of Good and Evil. At the moment of the completion of Aon, time and matter burst in upon the world of the gods. Peace reigned for a time...

Aon was new to the gods. Sentient creatures other than the gods walked the worlds of Aon. Death was also new to them; they were immortal and could not understand death. This intrigued the gods and they saw Aon as a new battleground for the old conflict. Naar was the first to break the Peace of Ishir.

Magnamund is the last battleground to be won in all of Aon.

Archlord of the Darklands
The title given to the Darklord that reigned supreme over the others. His seat of power was the city-fortress, Helgedad. The succession of Archlords is Vashna, Zagarna, Haakon«c» and Gnaag.
A member of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star remembered by Vonotar after his defection to the Darklords.
A weapon similar to the woodman's axe. The Kai trained some of their initiates in this weapon. Since he was gathering wood, the axe is one of the weapons that Lone Wolf used immediately after the Massacre of the Kai. According to the Legends of Lone Wolf series, he was adept in its use above the other weapons. This skill was in much demand for greel.
Azagad Gorge
A huge, arid canyon in Southern Magnamund formed by the Azan River. It is surrounded by the Great Wall of Azakawa. The Gorge contains Lake Shenwu and the Dragon's Teeth.
Azakawa, Great Wall of
The sheer cliff that surrounds the Azagad Gorge. The only method of climbing the Wall is to enter the tunnels of the Cave Mantiz.
Azan River
This river of Southern Magnamund is fed by Lake Shenwu and is a tributary of the Suhni River which it meets near the village of Iwo. Its erosive power cut the Azagad Gorge and the Dragons's Teeth. It flows through the Wilderwastes. The shores of the Azan River are a rich source of the precious stone, jade, used to make the Noble.
A nation in extreme southern Magnamund. It is covered by a forest of giant azawood trees known as the Cloud Forest. It is inhabited by the Kundi and by beasts known as the Cave Mantiz.
Large trees found in Southern Magnamund especially in the Cloud Forest of Azanam. Its leaves are prized by magicians for their ability to increase the potency of certain forms of magic.

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