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The birthplace of Landar. It is a sleepy little Sommlending community on the River Tor. Noteworthy citizens are Lorbach and Gunniweb.
A short bladed weapon typically one foot in length. It was used by the Kai as a hand-to-hand combat weapon. It can also be useful for picking locks.
Dagger of Vashna
The dark, twisted blade that belonged to Darklord Vashna that burns with blue fire when used. It is a powerful weapon against the Darklords and their magic. It has the power to disrupt certain uses of Mindforce. It's most special power is its legendary ability to raise its slain namesake.
The domain of the Darklords. It was once a healthy and vital area of Magnamund. When the Darklords were sent to Magnamund, they set about conquering the lands of the Northern continent. The lands that they occupied became vile and dead and the Sun's rays didn't light the Darklands like the rest of Magnamund. Few humans can survive for long in the Darklands.
Darkling Room
A torture chamber on the deepest levels of the Hall of Correction. The floor of this cavern was covered with a sludge created by the decaying corpses of hundreds of previous victims. The Darkling Room had a psychic presence that would cause fear and insanity in its victims. Mother Magri intended to send Grey Star to this fate.
Twenty champions of the Evil god Naar; they were sent in MS 3072 to subdue Magnamund for the cause of Evil; they had very individual aspects and characters but all were thoroughly evil. The very sight of a Darklord would drive an average mortal insane.

Before they were created by Naar, they were quite different; they were timeless beings not racked by the Evil hatred and anger that later characterized them.

These evil beings were immune to all normal weapons; only the Sommerswerd and supernatural weapons created by the Darklords themselves could mortally wound them. They had another weakness; the pure air and sunshine of Magnamund was poison to them. That weakness spurred the creation of the Darklands to give them a hospitable home.

Lone Wolf swore vengence on the Darklords for massacring his Kai brethren. Lone Wolf was destined to fullfil that oath and destroy the empire of the Darklords.

The Darklords' names are as follows: «c»

  • Chlanzor
  • Dakushna
  • Ghanesh
  • Ghurch
  • Gnaag
  • Haakon
  • Khatellu
  • Kraagenskûl
  • Menashga
  • Mrugor
  • Nhorg
  • Shebnar
  • Slûtar «c»
  • Taktaal
  • Tomogh
  • Unc
  • Vashna
  • Xog
  • Zagarna
  • Zhanshal
Tym and Petrea's irrepressible, six-year-old nephew. He and his sister, Thelda, were travelling companions to Banedon at the time of the Massacre of the Kai. They were both killed by the invading Darklord spawn.
Daziarn (alt. Dazhiarn)
An astral world outside of Aon. It is a realm of fantastic and powerful beings. Travel to Daziarn can only be accomplished through a shadow gate. The Shianti roamed the Daziarn before they settled on Magnamund.

It is the source of the Shianti power of Sorcery.

Dever, Joe
Co-creator of the Lone Wolf Series and Lone Wolf's world. His partner in creation was Gary Chalk. He spent seven years developing the world of Magnamund and its inhabitants. Those seven years show in the seeming reality of the settings in all of the books.

Later, he was the editor of the World of Lone Wolf and Legends of Lone Wolf series.

Joe Dever in front of his plane giving the "thumb"s up"
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Gems of power created by Agarash the Damned in mockery of the Lorestones. Agarash used their power to create the Agarashi. Agarash hid them before his death to prevent the Elder Magi from finding and destroying them.
Large, canine servants of the Darklords. Doomwolves were bred to be used as mounts by the Darklords' other spawn especially the Giaks.
Dragon's Teeth
Tall, limestone spires located throughout the Azagad Gorge. They were cut by the Azan River and are inhabited by the Quoku.
Drakkarim (sing. drakkar)
A human-like, evil race that began to conquer Magnamund at the time of the exile of the Shianti. Their most prized trophies were the skulls of newborn children.

When the Darklords came to Magnamund, the Drakkarim tribes recognized an Evil greater than their own and allied themselves to them. The Nadziranim changed the constitutions of the Drakkarim to allow them to survive the hostile environment of the Darklands.

They are fierce and cunning and were used as leaders in the Darklords' armies.

There was a secret sect of Evil druids operating in the forests of Sommerlund in MS 5050. It is not known what their origins were or what ever became of them.

(See also Cenerese)

A tree found only in the Forest of Fernmost. The clear, sticky resin found under the bark of the druse tree is the only known cure for the Red Death Plague.
Dundir Caldar
The first of the Family Caldar and first Baron of Anskaven.
A nation located on a pennisula of Northeastern Magnamund. It is the historic ally of Sommerlund which lies to the West. The royal arms of Durenor is a snow-capped mountain below two stars on a black field. The Knights of the White Mountain are the protectors of this mountain realm.
Citizens of the nation of Durenor. Durenese weaponsmiths are famous for their craftmanship.
Durncrag Mountains
The mountains that define the natural border between Sommerlund and the Darklands. The Durncrags and Sommlending determination have held the Darklord aggression at bay for centuries. It is the special task of the Border Rangers to patrol this area.

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