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False Dragons
Corrupt mimicks of the Sea Dragons sent by Naar to stop the spread of Good on Magnamund. They corrupted some of the Sea Dragons and chased the remainder onto the land. There they waged war on Kai's servants. After they had destroyed the Sea Dragons, they turned against each other "for food and for sport." Soon, they were no more.
Fehmarn, Feast of
Celebrated by the Sommlending on the first day of spring. Among the festivities, children of seven years of age swear their fealty to the King of Sommerlund for the first time. Those that had already taken the oath would renew it at this time.

All the Kai Monks from all over Magnamund gathered together during the Feast of Fehmarn. They fasted and meditated on the eve of the Feast of Fehmarn. It was said that a Kai Lord would lose his disciplines if he missed this observance although no one truly believed this superstition. Also, the acolytes that had been in training for a year or more were given their new Kai names. This secret gathering allowed Darklord Zagarna to massacre the Kai.

Flight from the Dark
Fire, Lore Hall of
A chamber in the Kai monastery devoted to certain of the Magnakai disciplines. Above it in the in the Sun Tower was the Lore Hall of Light.
First Order of the Kai
The original order of the Kai monks founded in MS 3810 by Sun Eagle. Lone Wolf was the last of the First Order after he survived the Massacre of the Kai.
A small village in the forest near the Kai monastery used for fifty years by a family of charcoal burners. The village was destroyed and its inhabitants killed by giaks shortly after the Massacre of the Kai.
Forest of Fernmost
The forest to the Northwest of the Chansi Hills.
A nation in extreme southern Magnamund located halfway between Suhn and Shadaki.
A Sommlending who has honored himself on the battlefield or in humanitarian service. The title of Fryearl was equivalent to that of Baron. King Kian created the title to honor Sommerlund's greatest citizens. Only the King has the right to bestow the title of Fryearl. A related title was that of Fryeman.
A Sommlending that had accumulated so much wealth and prestige that they demanded royal attention. They no longer owed allegience to a Baron. The King alone could bestow this title. It is related to the title of Fryearl.

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