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Ulnar I, King
The King of Sommerlund at the time of the Helghast Wars. He destroyed Vashna in the last battle of the Helghast Wars on the brink of the Maakengorge with the legendary Sommerswerd.
Ulnar V, King
The King of Sommerlund at the time of its invasion by the Darklords and the Massacre of the Kai Lords. He lost his only son at the Battle of Alema Bridge.

He was the King throughout Lone Wolf's quest to rid Magnamund of Evil.

The members of his court wore robes of purple and white. His Majesty's Army wore uniforms of white. (with a few exceptions, i.e. Border Rangers) The King's Senior Physician wore a white robe embroidered with a golden dove on the sleeves.

Unoram River
A river that flows East by Southeast from the Durncrag Mts. and empties into the Holmgulf.
The old, eccentric shaman of the Kundi at the time that Grey Star discovered them. "He is covered in bird feathers and numerous small bells. . . [and is] bowlegged. . ." (Grey Star the Wizard, §350)

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