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A novice witch apprenticed to Mother Magri. "She is very beautiful and has long, dark, unkempt hair and wild green eyes." (Grey Star the Wizard, §7) She had uncommon courage and a magical control over animals. She sacrificed her natural life to save Grey Star from a Kleasá that she helped Mother Magri conjure.
Tarama Seeds
The seeds from a rare flower in Southern Magnamund. Ingestion of a seed allows a magician to use magic, a wizard's staff, etc. without a loss of Willpower.
One of two drunken guards at the south gate of Toran at the beginning of Banedon's failed journey to warn the Kai.
Test of Truth
Tym and Petrea's twelve-year-old niece who was Banedon's travelling companion on his quest to warn the Kai. They also travelled with her brother, Daron. She fell off her black pony, Bobin and broke her wrist. She and Daron were killed in the invasion of Sommerlund.
Thulrash «c»
He was mentioned briefly in connection with the spawning of Giaks just previous to the Massacre of the Kai.
Tickling Fish
A means of catching fish. The tickler sneaks up very slowy on the tickle-ee and grabs the fish. Landar was tickling fish when he was attacked by the storgh that killed Jen.
Tor, River
A river of Northern Sommerlund that originates in the Durncrag Mts. and empties into the Kaltersee. Toran is a seaport at its mouth and Dage lies near its banks.
A city on the mouth of the River Tor in Northern Sommerlund. Toran is the center of the Baronial province of Toran. It is ruled not by a Baron but by a Council of Guilds. The most powerful guild is the Magicians' Guild.

The city's streets were constructed under the direction of the Magician's Guild to focus magical energy for the city's defense. Indeed, the walls of the city are said to be sentient. The walls appear comfortingly secure from the inside and hostile from the outside. Many would-be conquerors have been beaten back by the walls of Toran.

The city was razed when the Darklords invaded Sommerlund in MS 5050. Zagarna directed a horde of kraan and zlanbeast against Toran. The walls could not defend against these flying terrors as they dropped fire from above. The airborne attack was accompanied by a naval strike.

Tower of the Sun
The tallest tower in the Kai Monastery. It contained the various Lore Halls, Kai Masters' Hall and the Grandmaster's Hall.
A Kai discipline. It is the ability to find a person or beast, to make the correct choice of a path and to "read the secrets of footprints or tracks."
A soldier in Prince Pelathar's army that fought at Alema. He was snatched from the battle by a Kraan and dropped in the forest.
Also known as the Test of Truth, it is the process whereby a Wytch probes a victim's mind to ascertain the truth about his thoughts, intentions and memories. The truthsay could take the sanity or even the life of a resistant victim. This process was often aided by the power of a Kazim Stone. Mother Magri used the truthsay against Grey Star in the Hall of Correction.
Two-handed Weapons
This is a disputed idea among fans of the Lone Wolf series. Broadswords, spears and quarterstaves require the use of two hands to wield properly. Thus, if they are used in combat, the warrior cannot use a shield. This is not found in any of the rules but it is implied in certain passages of the Lone Wolf series.
A blacksmith in Oak Hill. He and his wife, Petrea, provided overnight lodging for Banedon on his quest to warn the Kai of the impending Massacre. Tym was also caring for Daron and Thelda who became Banedon's travelling companions. Tym was working for the widow Curmurrin and farmer Maldor at the time.
A seaport to the East of the Kai monastery on the shore of the Holmgulf. Tyso is also the capital of the Baronial Province of Tyso.

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