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Kari's abusive, drunken husband. He was the son of a wealthy merchant in a village near Dage.
Rank, Kai
The Kai monks divided themselves into ranks based on the number of Kai disciplines they had mastered. For each discipline, they gained one rank:

Basic Kai Ranks

  1. Novice
  2. Intuite
  3. Doan
  4. Acolyte
  5. Initiate
  6. Aspirant
  7. Guardian
  8. Warmarn or Journeyman
  9. Savant
  10. Master

The terms "acolyte" or "initiate" were sometimes used generically to denote someone who hasn't mastered all ten Kai disciplines. "Lord" was sometimes used to mean those that had.

The different ranks could be distinguished by the color of their distinctive Kai robe. A Kai of these first ten ranks wore a green robe.

An ancient forest temple that is now in ruins. It is located not far from the Kai monastery. Banedon met Lone Wolf here for the first time according to the Legends of Lone Wolf series.
Red Dawn
The head cook in the Kai monastery at the time of the Massacre of the Kai. He was originally an acolyte of the Kai but never achieved mastery of the Kai disciplines. He stayed on as cook because of his culinary talent and his fetish for insulting his assistants.
Red Death Plague
A virulent disease that swept through Durenor and the Wildlands at the time of Lone Wolf. The only known cure comes from the druse tree.
A silent order devoted to the development of the healing arts. They can be identified by their black robes and the wooden fish amulet that they all wear around their necks.
Red Marsh Viper
A venomous snake native to the marshes of Sommerlund. It is said that there is no known cure for its venom.
Rendalim's Elixir
A strong healing potion created by Madin Rendalim that restores 6 EP.
Right-handed Magic
Also known as the Dark Arts, it is the destructive side of magical power. This dark magic is deceptive and destructive and does not create or restore well. It is not innately Evil but it takes great wisdom and care to use it for Good.

Its chief practitioners are the Nadziranim. It was also given to the Agarashi to aid in their struggle against the Elder Magi.

The houses of Holmgard were built so close together so that it was possible to traverse the city on the rooftops. The citizens used this method of travel when the autumn rains turned the unpaved streets into a quagmire. This elaborate system of bridges and housetops became known as the "Roofways". The Roofways were shut down by royal decree when too many injuries resulted from its use.
The most Southerly province of Sommerlund. It is ruled by a hereditary Baron and its main source of income is mining.

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