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A cloth or leather container strapped to the shoulders and worn on the back. It was common practice among the Kai to wear a backpack which usually held eight, average-sized items.
A member of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. He was born (MS 5035) and raised inside of the walls of Toran. He was not an ideal student. He was considered the least skilled «c» among the initiates of the Brotherhood. He had discovered Vtovlry much to his detriment. He never left Toran until. . .

He was a young blond-haired, blue-eyed journeyman for the Magician's Guild at the time of the Massacre of the Kai. The Guildmaster sent him on a mission to inform the Kai of Zagarna's impending invasion and that they must cancel their celebration of the Feast of Fehmarn. The message was too little too late. He delivered it to the last of the Kai, Lone Wolf at the ruins of Raumas. He and Lone Wolf were to become lifelong comrades and would defend their homeland against the agents of Naar many times in the years to come. Banedon gave Lone Wolf his crystal star pendant as a token of this budding friendship.

Baronage of Sommerlund
King Kian appointed Barons from among those warriors who had served Sommerlund the most valiantly during the War of Desecration. The Baronages are: Anskaven, Toran, Tyso and Ruanon. He gave the land and right to rule to the Barons and their posterity forever. Sun Eagle was among these first Barons.

Titles related to that of Baron were Fryearl and Fryeman.

Black Bear
A large, ferocious mammal found throughout northern Magnamund.
Black Steel
A dark alloy that was unique to the weapons and armor of the Darklord armies and was manufactured exclusively in the pits of Helgedad in the furnaces near the Lake of Blood.«c» Black steel is much stronger and lighter than typical steel.
Thelda and Daron's black pony.
Bonner, Paul
The illustrator of the World of Lone Wolf Series.
Book of the Magnakai
An ancient tome written by the hand of Sun Eagle detailing his quest for the Lorestones and the wisdom he gained from his experiences. Kai Masters used the Book of the Magnakai as a basis for their students' training. It was later lost although its teachings lived on in the training of the Kai monks.
Border Rangers
An elite regiment of the King's Army of Sommerlund. They were charged with the patrol and defense of Sommerlund's western border with the Darklords. This border is defined by the Durncrag Mts. They are among Sommerlund's finest warriors and woodsmen because of the hazardous nature of their duties. The Border Rangers can be identified by their green uniforms.
A two-handed, bladed weapon. The term "broadsword" in our earth's history has often refered to a one-edged blade used for slicing rather than piercing although this is not a general rule in Magnamund. This weapon was used by the Kai monks in combat. It was Storm Hawk's preferred weapon.
Brotherhood of the Crystal Star
Also known as the Magician's Guild of Toran. The Brotherhood was housed in what was called the Guildhall. This was a group of adepts of Left-handed magic. It was the magical arm of the Sommlending defense. The name comes from the crystal star pendant given to those who were accepted as Brothers. The typical uniform of the Brotherhood was a loose, blue robe embroidered with stars, moons and other celestial bodies.

The Brotherhood was founded to seek power. It was a matter of wisdom and tradition that they held to the Left-hand path. The Guild was ruled by a Guildmaster and a council of twelve Elders. The guildmaster at the time of the Massacre of the Kai played a large role in the early years of Lone Wolf's quest. Other noteworhty members of the Brotherhood are: Banedon, Vonotar, Loren, Artel, Heikon and Martat.

The Magician's Guild had a prophecy that two young men, one a warrior and one a mage from the Brotherhood, would ally themselves and reign over Magnamund bringing an era of peace and prosperity. Vonotar the Traitor believed he was the fulfillment of this prophecy when he joined with Zagarna. Banedon and Lone Wolf were the true fulfillment of this prophecy.

An Agarashi that survived the destruction of Agarash's empire. The burrowcrawler has an insectile body, tentacles that act as its mouth, and a long, segmented tail. It is actually many seperate Agarashi living in symbiosis. They live only in subterranean environments where they ambush their prey in the darkness.

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