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Hall of Correction
"a large, black stone citadel built on a broad hill overlooking Suhn." (Grey Star the Wizard, §311) The Hall of Correction was Mother Magri's seat of power where enemies of the Shadakine Empire were imprisoned, tortured and killed. Its greatest Evil existed in the Darkling Room.
A Kai discipline. Healing allows the Kai Lord to heal his own wounds and on a limited basis the wounds of others. For every numbered section of a book, a Kai can regain one EP lost in combat.

The Brotherhood of the Crystal Star also incorporated this discipline into their basic training.

A member of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star remembered by Vonotar after his defection to the Darklords.
The capital of the Darklord Empire and the Archlord's seat of power. This vast city-fortress was constructed on an granite island in a lake of molten lava in the middle of the Darklands by the giak slaves of Darklord Vashna. A colossal bridge of steel spanned the Lake of Blood.«c» Helgedad's construction took years and many giak lives. Only the hardiest and cruellest of them survived the heat of the Lake of Blood and the hostile environment of the Darklands. Vashna never lived to see the completion of Helgedad. Darklord Zagarna oversaw the completion of this and the eight other city-fortresses of the Darklands.

Deep below the surface, near the level of the lake of fire, the Darklords' spawn was bred. It was there in the depths of Helgedad that the greatest concentration of Evil existed. Few humans were unlucky enough to see the Evil splendor of Helgedad.

Undead agents of the Darklords. These creatures have the ability to change form to match that of any humanoid. This is used to great advantage by their masters; they can be found in positions of trust in many of the royal courts of Magnamund. They can be detected through magical means and by Mindforce. No normal weapon can defeat them. Because of their insidious abilities, they are among the most feared of the Darklords' servants.
Helghast Wars
Begun in MS 3520 by Darklord Vashna in retaliation for his defeat at the hands of Sommlending in the War of Desecration. Vashna flooded Sommerlund for three decades with his newly created Helghast. These vile creatures were sought out by the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star and countless were destroyed on the blade of the Sommerswerd. Vashna was killed in the last battle of the Helghast Wars by Ulnar I.
Armor worn on the head that adds 2 to the wearer's EP.
A group devoted to the healing arts. They saved the Elder Magi from extinction.
Herb Pouch
A leather pouch worn by those who have mastered the Lesser Magick, Alchemy. It was used to carry ingredients and equipment necessary for the use of Alchemy. It could contain up to six items.
The capital of Sommerlund and a seaport on the Holmgulf. The city is enclosed by grey-white walls two hundred feet in height whose gatehouses are 100 yards long. At the center of the city is the citadel of the king.

The city was besieged by the Darklords shortly after the Massacre of the Kai. Lone Wolf was the means of the city's salvation when he killed the Darklord Zagarna with the Sommerswerd from atop the city walls.

A body of water near Holmgard and southwest of the Kirlundin Isles. The Rivers Unoram and Eledil both empty into the Holmgulf. It is Holmgard's only access to the open seas.
Landar's mother. For some reason, Landar never became very attached to his mother.
Equivalent to human beings here on Earth. Human beings are the most prominent race on Magnamund and can be found throughout. They came to Magnamund at about the same time as the Shianti.
A Kai discipline. A Kai Lord with the Hunting discipline will never go hungry in the wild; he will be able to hunt for his food. Only in areas where there is very little opportunity for hunting (i.e. deserts and wastelands) will this discipline be of no avail. Additional stealth and dexterity comes with the ability to stalk prey which can be used in other, non-hunting situations.

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