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Lord of Evil and god of Darkness. Before Time was, Naar was in conflict with the Lords of Light. He was the one to break the truce with Ishir and start anew the eternal conflict. He manifested himself to the people of a distant planet in the form of a small child. Naar discovered pain while he was on this planet. From then on, he would use it to shape the wills of the people of Aon. In only a short time, the inhabitants of the planet were devoted to the cause of Evil. He then proceeded to annex entire galaxies to his dominion. The King of Darkness succeeded in conquering half of the inhabitable worlds in Aon. Ishir and Kai and the other Lords of Light held the other half. Only Magnamund stood unclaimed...
The ancient center of the Agarashi Empire. This fortress created by Agarash was destroyed after the fall of his empire. Nothing remains of this city; the stones were carried off «c» by farmers to build homes for their families.
Practitioners of Right-handed Magic and servants of the Darklords.
Winged, ape-like creatures with grey skin from Southern Magnamund. With their black, bat-like wings they could fly swiftly through the skies making them able scouts and messangers. The Shadakine Empire and Jnana the Wise both used the najin.
The desolate, dusty plain surrounding Helgedad.
A volatile, inflammable liquid.
The old, brown mare that Banedon rode on his way to warn the Kai of Zagarna's invasion of Sommerlund.
The currency used in Southernmost Magnamund. The small coin is made of the precious, green stone, jade. Some of the jade used to make the noble is mined in the Azan River area.
The wisest of the Sea Dragons. In the dawn of civilization on Magnamund, Nyxator lead the loyal Sea Dragons out of the seas to establish Cynx. Nyxator encapsulated the powers given to him by Kai in the Lorestones. Nyxator took refuge in the molten core of Magnamund when Naar's minions killed his fellows and destroyed Cynx. He remained there for two millenia while Naar tortured the world to make it give up its refugee. In frustration, Naar sent "the most powerful of his avatars," Agarash the Damned. After securing his hold on Southern Magnamund, Agarash journeyed to the center of Magnamund to destroy Nyxator. Nyxator died after decades of conflict and watched as Agarash stole the Lorestones.

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