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A mushroom highly prized by magicians for its hallucinogenic qualities. It can be made into a pink potion that enhance's the user's clairvoyant abilities. When used, it can enhance the illusions of the Shianti power of Enchantment. It can also be used with Enchantment to communicate with plants.
Caldar, House of
The heirs of Dundir Caldar. King Kian gave them the title of Barons of Anskaven as well as "Stewards of the Royal Court and Commanders of the Royal Fleet." (Eclipse of the Kai, p. 134)
A bird that was seen to nest in the eaves of the buildings in Holmgard.
A Kai discipline. It grants the Kai monk stealth; it allows him to hide in the countryside and move undetected. It also enables him to blend in with natives of an area and understand common languages and dialects. Camouflage also helps the Kai to find shelter.
A rather intelligent Giak that Vonotar "befriended" in his flight to the Darklands. Giaks don't usually have names but Vonotar felt he needed one; "Carag" means cesspool in the language of the Vassagonians. Carag had rudimentary knowledge of Sommlending. Vonotar enhanced Carag's natural strength beyond it's natural boundaries.
Cave Mantiz
Large, colonial insects that inhabit the Cloud Forest of Azanam. They appear rather like Praying Mantises. They live in underground tunnels and are divided into soldiers and workers. The soldiers are slightly larger than the workers which are about three feet long. They excavate their tunnels from solid rock with an extremely potent, brown acid which they eject from a hollow horn in the middle of their heads. This acid along with oversized pincers are their main weapons.
A group of Evil druids that nearly caused the extinction of the Elder Magi in the Great Plague.
Chainmail Waistcoat
A tunic made up of small interlinking loops of metal that adds 4 to the wearer's EP.
Chalk, Gary
Co-creator and illustrator of the Lone Wolf Series. He was involved in the illustration of children's books when he became interested in fantasy games and created several successful games. This lead to his involvement in the creation of the Lone Wolf Series.
Chansi Hills
Stark, featureless hills to the North of the Suhni River. Jnana the Wise made his home here to avoid the attention of the Shadakine Empire.
Cloud Forest
The name given to a large forest of Azawood trees that covers the nation of Azanam. The name comes from the perpetual mist that is the forest's main source of moisture.
Creatures of Darkness
Crowns, Gold
Natives of Naar's Plane of Darkness and summoned servants of the Darklords. These slimy creatures were shaped like a human brain with black bat-wings, suckers and skeletal appendages trailing their flying forms. More Cryptspawn could always be summoned by their masters when in short supply.
Combat Skill (CS)
The measure of a warrior's martial prowess. Combat Skill is assigned a numerical value typically between 1 and 60. The higher the number, the greater the skill. Combat skill can be affected by many things: innate warrior skills and training, Mindforce, equipment, potions such as alether, health, battle-site conditions, etc. Mindblast and Weaponskill both affect a Kai Lord's Combat Skill directly.
A weapon consisting of a small bow mounted horizontally and perpendicularly to a stock and fired by trigger. The small arrows used with the crossbow are known as quarrels. This weapon was not very popular in Magnamund at the time of Lone Wolf except for in the Shadakine army.
The city created by the Sea Dragons loyal to Kai after their flight from the False Dragons. The city sunk into the earth after the defeat of the Sea Dragons.

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