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A weapon similar in form to a workman's hammer. Although rarely seen, the Kai counted it among their weapons of choice.
War of Desecration
Begun by Darklord Vashna before he took the title of Archlord which he did in MS 3192. His army began with hordes of Drakkarim. Vashna then surrounded himself with Vordaks, Kraan, Zlanbeast, Cryptspawn and Giaks spawned in his unfinished fortress, Helgedad. He began to smash his enemies with this fearsome army and extend the Darklands.

The Sommlending, sent in MS 3434, stopped this army's advance and forced it into retreat.

A Kai discipline. Every new Kai is taught to master one close combat weapon. This discipline represents the consumation of that training. A Kai Lord with weaponskill that wields his particular weapon enjoys an extra +2CS. The weapons used with weaponskill are:
Wheels of Death
A chariot with blades protruding from the hubs of the wheels used by the Shadakine soldiers to cut down anyone in their path. They often used this cruel device as a method of crowd control.
Desolate plains North of the Azagad Gorge in the Azan River valley. The Wilderwastes are not inhabited by humans except for the occasional jade prospector and is characterized by sudden, deadly dust storms.
A measure of mental and magical health. When a Shianti wizard taps his pool of mental strength to do magic, his Willpower score is lowered according to the strength and duration of the spell. This score has no natural limit unlike Endurance Points and can rise above its initial value. Willpower will increase due to rest, special potions, etc.
Wind Sprites
Sentient, elemental beings of Air summoned by the Shianti power of Elementalism. They appear as fleeting, ethereal forms. They are the smaller version of the Gale Wraith.
Winter Owl
One of Silent Wolf's tutors. He succeeded Storm Hawk after his death at the hands of Vonotar. Not much is known about his appearance except that he was prematurely grey.
Wizard's Staff
A Shianti's primary combat weapon. It appears to be a normal quarterstaff but is stronger than metal. It can be used to create a destructive beam of energy at the expense of one or more Willpower points. The greater the range of the attack, the more Willpower points it takes. It can also be used in close combat where it takes one Willpower point per strike. The damage can be increased by expending more Willpower. For example, if two Willpower points are used, damage to the opponent will be doubled. If three Willpower points are used, the damage will be tripled and so on. It can also grant light to its bearer. At the expense of one Willpower point, it will shed a perpetual light that will extinguish itself only at the mental command of the bearer.

Other beings with magical abilities can use the Wizard's Staff even though they don't know Shianti magic.

World of Lone Wolf Series
A series that takes place in the far Southern reaches of Magnamund and details the quest of Grey Star to recover the fabled Moonstone and destroy the Evil Shadakine Empire. The series was authored by Ian Page, edited by Joe Dever and illustrated by Paul Bonner.
  1. Grey Star the Wizard -- Grey Star sets off across the Sea of Dreams to the Port of Suhn where he meets Shan Li and Tanith and is captured by Mother Magri. He escapes and journeys to Azanam where he hopes to find the Lost Tribe of Lara. After a dangerous journey and the death of his two companions, Grey Star finds the Kundi.
A female follower of Shasarak and his demonic worship. Wytches had great magical abilities that helped them rule their provinces in the Shadakine Empire.
A title given to Shasarak because of his use of necromancy and his pacts with demonic powers. It also denoted his dominance of the various Wytches.

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