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Vashna, Darklord
One of the Darklords. He soon rose to dominance over his companions, waged the War of Desecration on Magnamund conquering vast portions of the Northern continent and took the title Archlord in MS 3192. He was the architect of Helgedad and eight other colossal fortress-cities. The Sommlending lead by King Kian stopped this conquest and took the land that was to become Sommerlund.

Vashna swore vengeance on Sommerlund for the indignity of defeat. He initiated the Helghast Wars in retaliation against Sommerlund. In the last battle of the Helghast Wars, Ulnar I and his armies drove the Darklord army to the brink of the Maakengorge. There, Ulnar I cursed Vashna with the Sommerswerd and dispersed Vashna's atoms to the ends of Aon. It is said that Vashna can be raised again by using his appropriately named dagger, the Dagger of Vashna.

A desert realm far to the Southeast of Sommerlund.
Vonotar the Traitor
A traitorous member of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. He betrayed Sommerlund to the Darklord Zagarna in a bid for magical power. He sought the magic of the Right-hand path. He was already quite adept at the Left-hand path but wanted more. He felt that he was the fulfillment of the warrior/mage prophecy. He fled for the Darklands killing Loren and Storm Hawk on the way.

He gained two servants on his way to Kaag: Carag and Allia.

He sought out Zagarna and his Nadziranim. In exchange for their magic, he told them about the Feast of Fehmarn. Armed with this knowledge, Zagarna razed Toran, massacred the Kai, and besieged all of Sommerlund.

Vonotar's new powers were almost god-like because of his knowledge of Left-hand magic and the infusion of Nadziranim Right-hand magic. He and Zagarna were poised to conquer all of Magnamund.

Undead lieutenants of the Darklord armies. They are grey-skinned and skeletal in appearence (they do have flesh). They are able to use Mindforce to attack their enemies. They are spawned in Helgedad and when they die, they sometimes leave behind a gem of power known as a vordak gem. This gem is used to give "un-life" to these minions of Naar.
A popular and addictive game played by all classes of Magnamund's people. It is affectionately known as "the game of games."

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