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Zagarna, Darklord
Master of Kaag and Archlord at the time of the invasion of Sommerlund and the Massacre of the Kai. He took his title after the death of Archlord Vashna by recovering the lost Doomstones. "His voice was quiet and bubbling, as if he spoke through a foot of water. Its quietness was all the more terrifying, bearing in mind the hugeness of his form. Standing, he was nearly twenty feet tall. His skin was scaled, and coloured blue and green. The outsides of his arms and legs were studded with sharp claws, as were his hands and feet; a double row of claws ran backwards from his forehead and down his spine. From his horned face projected a massive jaw in which were set knife-sharp teeth longer than a man's hand. His incongruously pink tongue flickered in and out like that of a serpent." (Eclipse of the Kai, pp. 99-100) He also had a second jaw in the middle of his abdomen. He was in a constant state of hunger and anger which tended to cloud his judgement. He was not the most intelligent of the Darklords but few mortals would dare match wits with even Zagarna. His standard was a either a long-toothed jawbone on a crimson field or a broken skull. His troops wore orange to signify their allegiance.

He besieged the Kai monastery in MS 4219. His army seemed destined for success so great were their numbers. This is when the Kai discovered the Giaks' great weakness and defeated Zagarna's army.

He made an uneasy alliance with the traitor, Vonotar, who urged him to attack the Kai monks on the Feast of Fehmarn and invade Sommerlund. The army that invaded numbered 1,000,000 kraan and zlanbeast, 1,000,000 giaks and tens of thousands of doomwolves, gourgaz, vordaks and helghasts and some thousands of drakkarim.

Zagarna was destroyed by Lone Wolf weilding the Sommerswerd from atop the walls of Holmgard. As the new day dawned, a brilliant beam of destructive radiance from the Sommerswerd signalled the Archlord's doom.

Bigger versions of the kraan. They were reserved for more important riders than the smaller kraan. There was an even larger version called the imperial zlanbeast which was typically used only by the Darklords themselves and their most important underlings.

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