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The planet that we live on. Magnamund was mistakenly called Earth in Grey Star the Wizard.
Earth Giant
An elemental creature of Earth summoned by the Shianti power of Elementalism. Earth Giants are the least intelligent of the elemental entities.
Eclipse of the Kai
Elder Magi
A human-like race of central Magnamund sent by Kai to destroy the Agarashi Empire. Kai gave the Elder Magi Left-handed magic to help in their fight. In 4570 MS, they wove a spell that put all of the inhabitants of Naaros to sleep. They seized the stolen Lorestones from under Agarash's nose. The Elder Magi eventually defeated the Agarashi after a thousand years' war.

Their race was brought to near extinction by the Cenerese. The Cenerese caused a Great Plague to sweep the land in 2514 MS killing nine out of ten Elder Magi. The Elder Magi were saved from destruction by a group known as the Herbalish.

Eledil River
A river that flows East by Northeast from the Durncrag Mts. to Holmgard and empties into the Holmgulf.
One of the Lesser Magicks. Elementalism allows the wizard to enter a trance and summon the aid of elemental spirits. Elementals don't understand humans very well and may misinterpret a wizard's request.
Elemental Planes
Four planes of existence namely Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These planes are inhabited by elemental creatures such as the Earth Giants, Wind Sprites and Gale Wraiths. The Lesser Magick, Elementalism, summons these creatures.
One of the Lesser Magicks. A Shianti wizard possesing the power of Enchantment can manipulate the minds of others. He can cause them to believe that "imaginary events are actually taking place," charm them, obtain information from them, place thoughts in their mind, etc. Magical or intelligent creatures might be immune to Enchantment. If a victim has reason to disbelieve what he is seeing or if the illusion is held for a long time, he will begin to notice flaws and the illusion will eventually collapse. Visual illusions are very difficult to maintain for long.
Endurance Points (EP)
The measure of physical stamina and ability to sustain wounds and survive. The Endurance Points score is a numerical value that is typically within the range 1 to 100. If a person's Endurance Points falls to zero, he is dead. Endurance Points can be influenced by physical makeup, health, dexterity, armor, etc. Once lost, Endurance Points can be restored by potions such as Laumspur and Rendalim's Elixir, the Kai discipline of Healing, rest, etc. However, the score can never rise above the original score by these means.
A Lesser Magick that allows contact with the dead. The wizard must sit in a pentacle that he has drawn and enter a trance. Good spirits will be helpful while Evil spirits will be deceitful. All spirits will require a price, often a special task, for their help. The wizard must agree to this price even before he knows what it is. If this price is not met, the pentacle will no longer protect the wizard from the wrath of the dead and his soul might be consigned to eternal torment.

The Song of the Dead is part of the power of Evocation.

Ezeran Acid Crystals
When combined with equal parts of sulphur and saltpetre and then heated, these crystals will create a potent, yellow acid capable of dissoving metal.

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