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Page, Ian
The author of the World of Lone Wolf series. He helped develop the Southern continent of Magnamund.
A legendary winged horse. A white pegasus was the symbol of Crown Prince Pelathar.
Pelathar, Crown Prince
The only son of Ulnar V, king of Sommerlund. He died in the Battle of Alema Bridge pierced by a giak arrow in his side. His heraldic symbol was the white pegasus.
A mystical symbol consisting of a five-pointed star and other mystical symbols. It is used as a barrier to Evil and the dead to keep them either in- or outside of the pentacle. Evocation relies on pentacles to protect the spellcaster.
Tym's wife. She was round, cheerful and smelled of soft soaps.
One of the Lesser Magicks. Prophecy allows the wizard to foresee the future, find someone or something after they have been seen once, deduce the true intent or nature of a stranger or make a correct choice. The wizard must enter a meditative state to use this Magick. Magical objects or beings may be invisible to Prophecy.
A Lesser Magick. With Psychomancy, a wizard can touch an inanimate object and receive information about that object. This information might be past events relating to the object, how the object can be used, information about the object itself, etc. Magical items might resist Psychomancy or even distort the information given.

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