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Gale Wraith
A powerful elemental creature of Air summoned by the Shianti power of Elementalism. Similar to the Wind Sprite but stronger.
A briar with red thorns that will cause someone to sleep if the thorns break the skin. It earned the nickname "sleeptooth" from woodsmen for this reason. It can be used to create a powerful, green sleeping potion.
Grandmaster Disciplines
When a Kai had progressed through the Kai and Magnakai Disciplines, the Grandmaster could go on to further enhance his abilities in the Grandmaster Disciplines.
Great Suhn Road
A road that shadows the Southern bank of the Suhni River. Many merchants and travellers use this road for overland travel from Suhn.
Humanoid servants of the Darklords. They are a brutish, squat, sickly grey, Evil race with evil yellow eyes first bred by Darklord Vashna to build Helgedad. They are very strong, can see in the dark and can withstand extremes of temperature. They were spawned in the greatest numbers of all of the Darklords' creations. They were so expendable that they were killed so that torches could be lit with "giak oil."

The term "giak" usually refers to the Mountain giak, the most vicious of their kind. They were ruthless and bred to delight in the destruction of all things. They were the mainstay of the Darklord infantry. For all of their endearing qualities, giaks are not intelligent or brave. The Darklords counteracted this deficiency with the Gourgaz.

Another weakness of the Moutain giaks were their unfamiliarity with forested areas. Giaks were often seen riding Doomwolves.

There are other breeds of giak: Swamp giaks, and Szall.

The Giaks spoke a language that was used by most of the Darklords' servants. It was a simple, guttural language designed to give and recieve orders in battle. Its vocabulary was therefore very limited. It also had a written form. (See the Giak Lexicon)

A Darklord. He was the fourth Archlord of the Darklands. «c»
The gods of Aon are powerful beings (goes without saying). However, they are not omniscient or omnipotent. They are bodiless but they can assume the appearence of bodily form. They existed before time and matter and are immortal. The principal gods of Good are Ishir and Kai. The god of Evil is Naar.

The gods were known as Lords of Light or Lords of Darkness before the creation of Aon.

Even the Good gods are mostly devoid of compassion for mortal beings.

Gold Crowns
The currency in much of Northern Magnamund.
An intelligent, grey, reptilian native of the Maakenmire Swamp. Their cruel disposition and battle prowess was utilised by the Darklords to lead their giak war parties. The most important quality of the Gourgaz is that when in battle-frenzy, they secrete an oil from the underside of their tails. This oil intoxicates their giak underlings giving them unusual courage and ferocity. Giaks are worthless without a strong leader. If their leader is killed, they fall apart. The Kai used this to break a long Darklord siege of the Kai Monastery by singling out the giak leaders. This Gourgaz secretion helps alleviate this weakness.
Grandmaster's Hall
The uppermost chamber in the Tower of the Sun.
A noxious briar that can be found, as the name implies, in graveyards and cemetaries. It can be used to create a strong poison in the form of a black potion.
Graveyard of the Ancients
An ancient, mist-shrouded graveyard just North of Holmgard. This place is taboo because of the nameless horrors that inhabit it. No one knows who lies in eternal unrest here but the Evil that "lives" there is more ancient than the Darklords. It is one of the ways that Lone Wolf could have hidden from the Darklord army on the last leg of his journey to Holmgard after the Massacre of his brethren.
Gray Star
The improper, American spelling of "Grey Star".
Great Plague
Created by the Cenerese in 2514 MS «c» to decimate the Elder Magi.
A game played by the initiates at the Kai Monastery involving one axe, three teams and three goals arranged on a triangular field. The object of the game was to strike one of the opposing team's goals with the axe. The axe was thrown from player to player to keep it from the opposing teams. This dangerous game resulted in few injuries. It was only grudgingly permitted by the initiates' mentors. Silent Wolf excelled at this game.
Green Slipper Inn
An inn in Holmgard.
Grey Star
The hero of the World of Lone Wolf series. On the night of the crowning of Shasarak as Overlord of the Shadakine Empire, the Sea of Dreams was tortured by an unnatural storm. The Shianti found a shipwrecked vessel on the shores of the Isle of Lorn. They found only one survivor, a human infant. They named him Grey Star for the grey streak in his jet black hair and also because a star is a symbol of hope for the Shianti. They could not intervene directly in the fate of Mankind because of their vow to the Goddess Ishir but this child was not bound by this oath.

For sixteen years they trained him as a Shianti wizard in the hope that he would destroy the Shadakine Empire. He mastered five of the seven Lesser Magicks in the time of his training and, in the year MS 5050, he accepted the quest to regain the exiled Moonstone and use its powers to defeat the Evil Shasarak.

Grey Star the Wizard
Guildhall of the Magicians' Guild of Toran
The imposing home of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star.
Moneylender in the town of Dage.

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