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A substance that is used as a base for many of the potions created using the Shianti knowledge of Alchemy.
Sea Dragons
The first inhabitants of Magnamund. They were demigods loyal to Kai who took upon themselves mortality in order to secure victory for the cause of Good. They lived in the oceans at the dawn of history. Naar sent False Dragons who mimicked the Sea Dragons' form and corrupted their society. Kai warned Nyxator of the danger who lead the remaining loyal Sea Dragons out of their ocean homes to build Cynx. They eventually lost their war with the False Dragons and were all destroyed with the exception of Nyxator.
Seal of Hammerdal
A legendary, golden ring that bears the Arms of Durenor. It was given to the Sommlending in exchange for the Sommerswerd as a sign of the alliance that existed between the nations.
Sea of Dreams
A sea to the East of the tip of Southern Magnamund. It surrounds the fabled Isle of Lorn. The Sea of Dreams was enchanted with illusions and magical winds by the Shianti in order to maintain their isolation from Mankind.
Sea of Winds
A sea North of the Sea of Dreams along the coast of Southern Magnamund.
A village in Sommerlund, it was Thelda and Daron's destination when they travelled with Banedon. It is south of Oak Hill «c».
A nation in Southern Magnamund on the Northern shore of the Sea of Winds. It was the home of the cruel Shadakine tribe and the seat of power for the Shadakine Empire.
The tribe inhabiting Shadaki. They are a cruel race with fearsome pupil-less eyes. Shasarak employed them as soldiers in order to create the Shadakine Empire. The soldiers shaved their heads except for one long lock of hair in the center of their scalp and wore black, enameled steel armor with decorations in gold. The Shadakine army was particularly fond of the crossbow.
Shadakine Empire
The empire created by Shasarak and the Shadakine from the free nations at the tip of Southern Magnamund.
Shadow Gate
A rent in the fabric of reality that allows passage to planes of existence outside of Aon. They typically lead to Daziarn. Shadow gates are rare and transitory and hard to find because they are invisible to the typical mortal eye. Passage through a shadow gate can be harmful and even fatal to normal mortals.
Shan Li
A rotund, jovial merchant who had travelled much of Magnamund. He met Grey Star in the Port of Suhn where they were imprisoned together. They escaped with the aid of Tanith and headed for Azanam. Shan Li always argued with and mistrusted Tanith. Shan Li was killed before they reached their destination.
An Evil, renegade Shianti. He became Overlord of the Shadakine Empire. He is known as the Wytch-king.

He ruled the province of Shadaki which granted him control of an army of brutal soldiers. He bound his people to demonic worship and set out to create an empire. He waged war on the surrounding provinces and subjugated a large portion of the Southern tip of Magnamund in what became known to the Shadakine as the Old Wars of the Empire. The land they conquered became known as the Shadakine Empire.

The night that he was crowned Overlord was the same night that Grey Star was shipwrecked on the Isle of Lorn.

Shenwu Falls
The source of Lake Shenwu. Located in the center of the Wall of Azakawa, the Shenwu Falls tumble hundreds of feet from the top of the cliff creating a deafening roar and the luminous mist of Lake Shenwu.
Shenwu, Lake
The source of the Azan River. It is fed by the Shenwu Falls and is located in the Azagad Gorge at the base of the Great Wall of Azakawa. The wide, dirty yellow waters of Lake Shenwu are so poisonous that direct contact with the Lake causes immediate death. Even the luminous mist surrounding the lake can kill within hours. The area surrounding the Lake is devoid of life.
A god-like race that arrived on Magnamund in 1600 MS through a temporary shadow gate. "Their skins were as black as ebony, and their eyes were yellow. The only food they required was air. Their powers were those of demigods: they were immortal and invulnerable; they could create and destroy through the mildest excercise of their will. Yet they were not omnipotent." (Eclipse of the Kai, p. 102) The Shianti were "Tall and proud, shining with a radiance that spoke of magic and arcane mystery." (Grey Star the Wizard, p. 9) The pupils of their eyes were reflective like mirrors.

They had wandered the void of the Daziarn for countless millenia in search of a home.

These devotees of the Goddess Ishir soon ventured onto Magnamund motivated by insatiable curiosity and the longing for a home. The Human race emerged on Magnamund soon after the arrival of the Shianti. Humanity came to worship the Shianti because of their power. They were known as Suukon in the East and Majhan in the North. They were later remembered as simply the Ancients. Remnants of the Shianti religion persisted at the time that Grey Star ventured into Southern Magnamund. This religion was forced underground by the Shadakine Empire. Grey Star met a priest of the Shianti religion that had been imprisoned for twenty years while he was at the Hall of Correction.

At the height of their power, the Shianti shaped their knowledge into the Moonstone. This heralded the dawn of the Golden Age of Magnamund.

The presence of the Shianti and their Moonstone caused an imbalance that would have lead to the triumph of Evil. Humanity had to learn to stand on its own without the Shianti or the Moonstone. Ishir in bodily form warned the Shianti of this eventuality (about MS 3000). "The children of this world must claim their inheritance. The time has come and they must learn to stand alone. They are lost in their worship of you and the day draws ever nearer when they will covet the power of the Moonstone." (Grey Star the Wizard, p. 10) The Shianti agreed to exile themselves on the Isle of Lorn and the Moonstone to the Daziarn. They vowed to Ishir that they would never again interfere in the affairs of Magnamund. This exile came at the same time as the rise to power of the Drakkarim nation.

Their isolation was held inviolate until the defection of Shasarak. No human had set foot on the Isle of Lorn until the arrival of Grey Star.

Two Shianti known by name are Acarya and Maiteya.

A defensive device. It is typically hand-held and used in combination with an offensive weapon. When used this way, it increases the wielder's CS by two points. It cannot be used with a two-handed weapon.
Short Sword
A short bladed weapon typically about two feet in length which could be used with one hand. The short sword is one of the weapons that the Kai favored for use in hand-to-hand combat.
Shuri Mountains
Mountains on the North coast of the Sea of Dreams. It was falsely rumored that the Lost Tribe of Lara was hiding in the Shuri Mountains.
Silent Wolf
The name given to Landar after one year at the Kai monastery. It was the tradition of the Kai monks to give their charges a new name after a year at the monastery. As Storm Hawk's student, Silent Wolf was broody and inattentive but talented. His true nature was hidden deep within the silence that earned him his name.
Sixth Sense
A Kai discipline. With this discipline, a Kai monk can be warned of danger or discover details about a person or object. It is the ability of the mind to perceive the environment through means beyond the five senses through the use of Mindforce.
Solaris, Lore Hall of
A chamber in the Kai monastery devoted to certain of the Magnakai Disciplines. The only Lorehall not located in the Tower of the Sun.
The homeland of a race of children of the god Kai. It is situated on the Northern continent of Magnamund in the Northeastern corner. It is a sunlit land of verdent hills, deep forests and rich farmland. Its principal cities are Holmgard, Toran, Anskaven, Tyso and Ruanon. It had been the Darklords' bane since the time of King Kian.
A holy blade given to the Sommlending by the god Kai. It can be wielded as a sword, short sword or broadsword. Its supernatural powers increase the bearer's CS by 8 and increase the sensitivity of his Sixth Sense. It also is doubly damaging to undead foes and absorbs hostile magic. Perhaps the greatest power is its ability to kill Darklords. Only members of the royal house of Sommerlund or a Kai Lord can wield it. If anyone else uses it in battle, it will slowly and irrevocably lose its powers.

It was used by Ulnar I to kill Archlord Vashna. Later, it was given to Durenor as a symbol of the mutual trust between the countries. In return, the Durenese gave Sommerlund the Seal of Hammerdal with a promise that the Sommerswerd would be returned on demand to the bearer of the Seal.

Natives of the land of Sommerlund. They were created by Kai and Ishir. They are said to have come from the Northern Void in MS 3434 led by King Kian. Their god-given purpose was to stop the Darklord conquest of Magnamund. They came armed with native determination, talents and the Sommerswerd. They are a fair race naturally devoted to the cause of their patron.

Also the name of the Sommlending's native language.

Song of the Dead
The "forbidden tome" of Shianti Evocation. This spell is forbidden by Shianti law because of its dire effects. The Song of the Dead frees the souls of the dead in the immediate area to roam the world for eternity. The caster no longer has control of the dead; they are free to act as they choose for good or for ill.
One of the Lesser Magicks. This Magick allows the wizard to transform his thoughts into magical force that can move objects, create magical shields, etc. Sorcery draws on the Daziarn plane and is the most costly of the Lesser Magicks. It drains the most Willpower and its use is most effective when the caster's Willpower is high.
A weapon that can be thought of as a quarterstaff with a short blade on one end or a dagger with a really long handle. It requires two hands to use it effectively. The Kai monks trained some of their initiates in its use.
Spirit, Lore Hall of
A chamber in the Kai monastery devoted to the Magnakai disciplines pertaining to the mastery of Mindforce. Below it in the Tower of the Sun was the Lore Hall of Light and above it was the Kai Masters' Hall.
A freshwater reptilian of Sommerlund. It has no eyes but hunts its prey by smell. A storgh was the means of Jen's death.
Storm Hawk
One of Silent Wolf's mentors. He is described as large and intimidating despite his advancing years. He thought that it might have been a mistake to admit Landar to the Monastery because of his inattention and moodiness. Storm Hawk was killed by the traitor, Vonotar, as he and Silent Wolf were returning from a scouting mission in the Durncrag Mts.
Suhni River
A river in the Southern tip of Southern Magnamund that flows from the West to the East where it empties into the Sea of Dreams at the Port of Suhn.
Suhn, Port of
A nation in extreme southern Magnamund that lies on the delta of the Suhni River. It was occupied by the forces of the Shadakine Empire at the time of the arrival of Grey Star. It was ruled by the hand of Mother Magri from her seat of power in the Hall of Correction. This largest port of the Shadakine Empire was the center of a thriving trade despite the cruel occupation. Overland travel from Suhn was accomplished via the Great Suhn Road.
A substance that is used as a base for many of the potions created using the Shianti knowledge of Alchemy.
The stellar body that Magnamund orbits. It gives a brilliant, golden light to most of Magnamund (except the Darklands). It is the symbol of the great god Kai.
Sun Eagle
A warrior in the Helghast Wars, Baron of Toran and founder of the Order of the Kai. He was advised by magicians that he had great latent powers given him by Kai. He went on a legendary quest to develop these powers and find the Lorestones of Nyxator. The martial talents that he developed became the Kai Disciplines.

Sun Eagle built the Kai Monastery in MS 3810 and began recruiting among the Sommlending children.

He recorded his wisdom and experiences in the Book of the Magnakai.

A mid-length, bladed weapon which can be used with one hand. The Kai monks trained some of their initiates in the use of this weapon.
A weak and even more cowardly breed of Giak. They are found in northern Magnamund in places where they can be safe from being hunted by other races. They are not necessarily servants of the Darklords.

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