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A stout, wooden pole wielded with two hands. It is a fairly rare weapon but the Kai did use it in combat.
Large, intelligent, toad-like creatures that inhabit the Dragon's Teeth. "their mottled, green skin is covered with ridges and warts, and their pale throats expand like bubbles as they emit their sonorous croaking call." (Grey Star the Wizard, §61) Their armor-like skin secreted a poison that would paralize their victims on contact. The quoku were large enough to grab a man with their tongue and swallow them whole. They had suckers on the tips of their fingers and toes to help grasp their victims.

They would sit on the top of a limestone pillar waiting in ambush. They would then jump from their perch and use a membrane between their front and hind legs to fly down to their victims.

They were considered to be mythical by the people of Southern Magnamund.

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