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Lone Wolf
TitleN. AmericanUK
Flight from the Dark (1)0-425-08436-10-09-935890-5
Fire on the Water(2)0-425-08437-x0-09-935900-6
The Caverns of Kalte (3)0-425-09357-30-09-938530-9
The Chasm of Doom (4)0-425-08419-10-09-939180-5
Shadow on the Sand (5)0-425-08440-x0-09-942490-8
The Kingdoms of Terror (6)0-425-08446-90-09-944460-7
Castle Death (7)0-425-10014-60-09-947620-7
The Jungle of Horrors (8)0-425-10484-20-09-947630-4
The Cauldron of Fear (9)0-425-10848-10-09-951210-6
The Dungeons of Torgar (10)0-425-10930-50-09-951250-5
The Prisoners of Time (11)0-425-11568-20-09-951320-x
The Masters of Darkness (12)0-425-11718-90-09-951400-1
The Plague Lords of Ruel (13)0-425-13245-50-09-967690-7
The Captives of Kaag (14)0-425-13304-40-09-967700-8
The Darke Crusade (15)0-425-13798-80-09-967710-5
The Legacy of Vashna (16)0-425-13813-50-09-986050-3
The Deathlord of Ixia (17)0-425-14459-30-09-998420-2
Dawn of the Dragons (18)0-425-14568-90-09-998430-x
Wolf's Bane (19)0-425-14976-50-09-998440-7
The Curse of Naar (20)0-425-15193-x0-09-998450-4
Voyage of the Moonstone (21)---0-09-925271-6
The Buccaneers of Shadaki (22)---0-09-925281-3
Mydnight's Hero (23)---0-09-925291-0
Rune War (24)---0-09-925301-1
Trail of the Wolf (25)---0-09-964191-7
The Fall of Blood Mountain (26)---0-09-964201-8
Vampirium (27)---0-09-964211-5
Hunger of Sejanoz (28)---0-09-964221-2 «c»
World of Lone Wolf (Grey Star)
TitleN. AmericanUK
Grey Star the Wizard0-425-09590-8???
The Forbidden City0-425-09710-2???
Beyond the Nightmare Gate0-425-09892-3???
War of the Wizards0-425-10539-30-09-947590-1 «c»
Legends of Lone Wolf
TitleN. AmericanUK
Omnibus (1 and 2)---0-09-921971-9
Eclipse of the Kai (1)0-425-12314-60-09-963750-2 «c»
The Dark Door Opens (2)0-425-12439-80-09-963760-x «c»
The Tides of Treachery (3)0-425-12551-3---
The Sword of the Sun (4)0-425-12650-10-09-963770-7 «c»
Hunting Wolf (5)0-425-12769-90-09-963780-4
The Claws of Helgedad (5)---0-09-979870-0
The Sacrifice of Ruanon (6)---0-09-979880-8
The Birthplace (7)---0-09-979890-5
The Book of the Magnakai (8)---0-09-979900-6
The Tellings (9)---0-09-915191-x
The Lorestone of Varetta (10)---0-09-915201-0
The Secret of Kazan-oud (11)---0-09-915211-8
The Rotting Land (12)---0-09-915221-5

Note: The numbering of the Legends of Lone Wolf series is a little confused because the third UK volume, Sword of the Sun, was split into two for the N. American versions (The Tides of Treachery and Sword of the Sun). The N. American numbering is used up to Hunting Wolf after which the UK numbering is followed. This is because there are no N. American versions beyond Hunting Wolf.

TitleN. AmericanUK
Magnamund Companion0-425-10759-00-09-947670-3 «c»
White Warlord0-425-10563-60-09-948510-9 «c»
Black Baron0-425-10630-6???
Scarlet Sorcerer0-425-10754-x???
Emerald Enchanter0-425-10696-9 «c»???
Skull of Agarash: A Graphical Novel---0-09-992620-2 «c»
Audiobook: Eclipse of the Kai---1-85-686096-5 «c»

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