Frosty moonlight falls
on dark, swelling waves of sand -
an endless, slow tide. . .

As you enter the gates of the Oasis, the thin desert air fills the night sky with more stars than you've ever seen. The compound within the mud-brick walls is buzzing with activity. You're still not acustomed to the nocturnal lifestyle of the desert; to avoid the heat of the day, everyone is taking care of chores that would normally be taken care of during the day. To your left, two caravanners are leading their camel to a pool of water. Near to the pool, Kai monks are sparring in a circular training ground lit by torches. There must be at least thirty camels directly in front of you in the northern end of the compound. Several wary Kai guards watch the rowdy travellers.

Sitting down on the edge of the pool, you look more closely at your surroundings. By the light of the moon, you can see that there are several mud-brick buildings within the walls enclosing the Oasis. Yellow lantern-light streams from the windows of the buildings. The aroma of freshly cooked food and the sounds of boisterous conversation drift from a building on the north which bears a sign labeled Parched Throat Tavern. Ahead of you, on the east, is the largest building which flies the flags of Sommerlund and of the Order of the Kai. You guess that this building serves as the Command Post and barracks for the Kai warriors that control the Oasis. To one side of the barracks, you notice a small, non-descript building. You ask a passing Kai monk "Greetings. My name is Traveller. What is the purpose of that small building there?" Glancing over her shoulder, she replies "That's old Dusty Shelf's Study. You're welcome to visit but if you're looking for conversation, I'd look elsewhere."

Breathing deeply of the crisp night air, you set off to explore the Oasis. . .

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