Welcome to Desert Lynx's Oasis, a lonely Kai outpost in the arid Vassagonian Dry Main. I am your host, Desert Lynx. I hope that your visit is enjoyable.

This oasis is devoted to the Lone Wolf series by Joe Dever, one of the greatest science fiction/fantasy epics. Dever has woven a intricate world, Magnamund, upon the basic epic theme. The series' hero, Lone Wolf, is the last of an Úlite order of warrior monks named after their god, Kai. Over the bodies of his slain brethren and sisters, Lone Wolf swears vengeance on his enemies, the Darklords, servants of the dark god Naar. His quest takes him through a world full of magic, mystery and monsters. He meets many engaging characters and travels to many places which add depth to the world of Magnamund. He must fight giaks, kraan, vordaks, helghast, and all manner of nasties and use his wits to survive. His destiny is to conquer the Darklords and become Supreme Master of the Kai.

The books allow the reader to decide the course of the story which makes it enjoyable to play over and over because of the variety of possible story lines and the books' ability to take you to a world of fantasy.

Lone Wolf is known internationally by several different names: Einsamer Wolf, Ensamma Vargen, Lobo Solitario, Loup Solitaire, etc.

So, weary traveler, rest yourself, drink deeply of the refreshing water and feel welcome in Desert Lynx's Oasis. A good way to learn your way around is to take the tour.

By what name shall you be known in the Oasis?


If you so desire, you may also enter the Oasis anonymously.

Updated: 13 July 2000
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